song of the year 2018

10. azm - edge

I stanned these random girls so hard it was kinda weird
like i found their facebooks... but this was a lil ouchie
collapse that you mean spirited people ignored

9. lovelyz - lost n found

This was definitely one way to do low budget.. The
song perfect for wedding singers concept the choreo
was intricate and overall an eloquent comeback

8. girlkind - fanci

ROTY i love this song so much It got me through the
cold winter of 2018 it snowed i think

7. unit g red - cosmos

Definition of slay.......Ik its some sort of joke But
hyosun makes everything a joke And a slay is a slay
intentional or not. I think they put the most effort in on
this list they did what they could and i commend that

6. jessi - down

Honestly song of the summer If jessi is down im down
too!! Love her sm

5. dreamnote - fresh fresh

This song is so 2018 but its still so good I only found it
recently but Im a page And i must serve korean man
style for the superior bside cus they just WENT
THERE with these lyrics

4. sunmi - black pearl

An incredibly good vibe I think I'd give up diet coke
before the ability to listen to this sax solo

3. red velvet - bad boy

i have absolutely nothing to say.. i forgot everything i felt
about this song cus its been so long But its good I
like it i like the ooh ooh and the point choreo Its better
than 7 others and im not a poppers gay for liking it

2. laboum - between us

I remember sitting in bed on all nighter in singapore
writing POETRY to this cus it got me in my feelings..
However, Incredible serve an amazing song and
honestly unexpected from LABOUM...It was so hard
for me to pick between this and no1

1. DIA - woo woo

I feel like it was obvious this would come first.
No other release had the IMPACT of DIA woowoo..
Plagiarism.. The birth of fancam spamming.. And ofc
DIA long awaited first win.. love this song

best song not in the korean language. aya nakamura - copines

despite the name this french queen served us a song for
summer (about my favourite topic - pegging) and I
srsly think ive picked up half of my working french
vocab from scrobbling this song 49 times

the longcrack culture award. summer soul - kill your darling

Wow.. Ive gone on many a late night walk with this
playing I love the weird fucking guitar it sounds so
good.. so wistful.. makes me wanna row across a loch
in scotland.. im a big fan


Reflecting back on this

I made this list on the 3rd of february 2020. I think ive
changed a bit since then as a person, I don't really talk
like this any more. I still like all these songs, but I do
think I would switch bad boy and between us around
if i made this list today.